From The Daily Wire:

As the National Review noted in May:

Proponents of reclassification are quick to invoke the image of a recent rise in the number of downtrodden workers trying to juggle three or four gig-economy or contracting jobs at one time just to make ends meet. These workers need protection, the argument goes, and if they were reclassified, they would suddenly become eligible for overtime pay and a host of other benefits that normally attach to full-scale employees.

The problem is that this theory is not borne out by the facts; instead, it fundamentally misreads the shape of the modern American work force. In fact, contract work is not on the rise, and many contractors prefer their current worker status.

Data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics have consistently shown that part-time and contingent work arrangements are in line with historical averages. Contracting roles have actually decreased since 2005. Furthermore, surveys have reported that 79 percent of contract workers prefer their present work arrangement to more restrictive setups.