R Street’s Tom Struble joins ACI for a webinar on consumer protections:


At the start of the year, Congress was set on passing bi-partisan consumer privacy protections. Fast forward just six months and it looks as though the wind might be out of its sails. 2019 was chock-full of wins and fails for the consumer and while the halls of Congress might be quieting for the rest of the Summer, there’s much to discuss.

Join the American Consumer Institute on Tuesday, August 20th for a webinar discussion on “Consumer Protections Wins and Fails,” part one of a new webinar series focusing on tech policy.

In our first webinar, experts will discuss:

What obstacles have stalled Congress from advancing privacy legislation, what is at risk for consumers, and what can be done to get something across the finish line?

What must be done to block robocalls that have plagued consumers?

How the promotion of sound spectrum policies has advanced 5G technology and how will consumers benefit from this technology?