From the Federal News Network:

“This is very, very disruptive for cost planning purposes,” Kosar said. “It wasn’t in the cash flow — and boom, suddenly they have to pay more,” Kosar said. “Moving to something similar to like what other federal employees get with the General Schedule or one of the other schedules would put them in a much more predictable situation.”

However, Kosar said he doesn’t see anything in the report that would give governors the authority they would need to lead a postal reform effort.

“Individual governors right now are basically part-time workers who are without staff — therefore, entirely dependent upon the postmaster general and deputy postmaster general for information,” he said.

While the role of governors resembles the role of a board of trustees at a private company, Kosar said the analogy doesn’t fully pan out.

“What incentive do you have, as a governor, to really keep an eye on the postmaster general, really focus on the bottom line and demand better results? It’s not as if you own stock in the Postal Service and are going to see increased value in the stock,” he said.