Comments of the R Street Institute

In response to the Federal Trade Commission’s request for comments dated June 20, 2018, the R Street Institute respectfully submits the following comments. Submitted in advance of the hearings planned to be held, these are intended to identify topics for those hearings, and will likely be supplemented by more detailed analysis afterward.

This comment is one of several that R Street is submitting, pursuant to the Commission’s request of a separate comment per topic. This comment relates to Topic 8 on the role of intellectual property and competition policy in promoting innovation.

R Street and its policy experts have substantial experience in intellectual property policy and its relationship with competition policy in areas such as standard-essential patents, copyright in technical standards and substantive standards for patentability. We have presented this work in research papers, amicus curiae briefs, congressional testimony, and comments before the Commission and other agencies. A bibliography is included as an appendix to this comment.