From National League of Cities:

Chairman Sean Duffy (R-WI) presided over a panel of witnesses who are directly involved in the growth of AV technology and its impacts on insurance. The panel was made up of David Carlson, a US Manufacturing and Automotive Practice Leader at Marsh and McLennan, Ryan Gammelgard, Counsel to the Public Policy Resource Group at State Farm, Sam Geraci, the Vice President of Strategy for American Family Mutual Insurance Company, Ian Adams, Assistant Vice President at the R Street Institute and Jack Gillis from the Consumer Federation of America. The panel was teed up to answer important questions about the safe and effective rollout of AVs, and what this new technology might change.


Ian Adams echoed this concern, stating that “insurers will need to be able to access data related to autonomous vehicle operation if they hope to create products that meaningfully reflect risk.” Gammelgard added that while data “is critical for liability determinations,” it is also “important [to the public] in determining the safety and reliability of technology.”