Here at R Street, we’ve put together some great policy panels for next year’s SXSW conference in Austin, Texas. But we need your support to get in the final conference program!

Please take a moment to vote for us and help bring free-market ideas to Austin’s annual gathering of technologists, activists and entrepreneurs. Voting is open now through Sept. 2.

Panels featuring R Streeters:

  1. Boom! Bringing Back Supersonic Flight
    1. Featuring: Eli Dourado, Mercatus Center; Sasha Moss, R Street; Blake Scholl, Boom Technology; Rep. Mark Sanford, U.S. House.
  2. Our Augmented Future: The Next Wave of Apps
    1. Featuring: Jim Harper, Cato Institute; Nika Nour, Entertainment Software Association; Robyn Greene, Open Technology Institute; Anne Hobson, R Street.
  3. Cyber-Panic! Threat Inflation, Innovation, and You
    1. Featuring: Mike Masnick, TechDirt; Adam Thierer, Mercatus Center; Allison Berke, Stanford Cyber Initiative; Anne Hobson, R Street.
  4. Can Tech Fix Criminal Justice?
    1. Featuring: Lori Sanders, R Street; Lauren Krisai, Reason; Billy Easley, U.S. Sentencing Commission; Derek Cohen, Right on Crime.
  5. Congress’ Intelligence Problem
    1. Featuring: Julian Sanchez, Cato Institute; Zach Graves, R Street; Daniel Schuman, Demand Progress; Mieke Eoyang, Third Way.
  6. Get a Warrant: The 4th Amendment and Digital Data
    1. Featuring: Scott Shackford, Reason; Mike Godwin, R Street; Sean Vitka, Demand Progress; Neema Guliani, ACLU.
  7. The Internet of Things You Don’t Own
    1. Featuring: Aaron Perzanowski, Case Western Reserve University; Raza Panjwani, Public Knowledge; Sasha Moss, R Street; Andrea Matwyshyn, Northwestern University.

We’ve also put together a great list of policy panels from our friends (this list will be periodically updated):

  1. Know Your CopyRIGHTS as a Digital Creator
  2. Elephants In The Room: Recapping The 2016 Election
  3. Broadband: What Cities & States Can Do
  4. Cool Tech vs. the State
  5. Vaping, Heat Sticks, and the Twilight of Tobacco
  6. Broadband: What Cities & States Can Do
  7. Artist to Advocate: Fighting for Criminal Justice
  8. The Policies that Drive Smart Cities
  9. Apprenticeships and Solving the IT Skills Gap
  10. Embracing Tech Innovation in the NBA
  11. Unlocking Technology for People with Disabilities
  12. Five Use-Cases Defining VR and Mixed Reality
  13. How Tech Companies Can Give Back to Communities
  14. When Should My Data Become the Government’s Data?
  15. Weaving Together Tech, Fashion and Congress
  16. FinTech, Public Policy and a Consumer Driven World
  17. Alexa, How Does Government Respond to AI Advances?
  18. Follow the Minerals: Conflict Minerals in Tech
  19. Digital Inclusion: From Buzzword to Practice
  20. Livin in the Future-Music Policy in a New Industry
  21. Internet Kill Switch? Who’s Got the Keys?
  22. Making Law on Mars
  23. Four Perspectives On Ending Police Violence
  24. Is the First Person to Live Forever Already Alive?
  25. Would Your Childhood Be Illegal Today?
  26. Can Grace Survive in the Digital Age?
  27. Can She Say That? Women Creating Civility Online
  28. Can Technology Disrupt Equality: Artists in 2020
  29. Wellness or Else: Privacy in Workplace Wellness
  30. Small Plates, Big Data: Food Tracking & Privacy
  31. Digital Inclusion: From Buzzword to Practice
  32. The Hidden Victims of the War on Drugs
  33. A Pirate’s lessons from EU Tech Policy Fails
  34. Let’s Innovate by Increasing the Demand for Women

Am I missing one you think should be on here? Send me a note.