Yesterday was a big day for ridesharing in North Carolina as the state Senate passed S.B. 541, which creates a regulatory framework for transportation network companies. The bill includes background checks on drivers, a requirement for company-provided liability insurance and a $5,000 annual state fee.

According to a recent R Street publication, North Carolina currently stands as one of six states with pending ridesharing legislation. Out of the remaining 44 states, 26 have enacted statewide legislation and 18 have some form of not attempted, failed, or adjourned legislation.

One of the 26 states with enacted ridesharing legislation is North Carolina’s sister state, South Carolina, which just passed legislation in late June. If the Tarheel State wants to have statewide legislation similar to their neighbor’s to the south, the current bill will now need to pass through the state House of Representatives and be signed by Gov. Pat McCrory