Ian Adams, Associate Vice President of State Affairs
Ian is responsible for coordinating R Street’s outreach and engagement at the state and local level. He also is involved in the institute's insurance research, matters related to next-generation transportation and is a frequent commentator on the disruptive impact of burgeoning technologies on law and regulation.
David Bahr, Communications Manager
David works to connect R Street scholars with reporters, columnists, bloggers, editorial boards and television and radio producers.
Ethan Bishop-Henchman, Operations Associate
Ethan is responsible for supporting day-to-day operations of the institute’s headquarters, as well as providing executive support to the president and his staff.
Casey Burgat, Governance Project Fellow
Casey researches and writes about congressional capacity and ways to make the First Branch of government work better.
Jonathan Coppage, Visiting Senior Fellow
Jonathan researches urbanism and the built environment, especially the ways in which government regulations distort and inhibit the building of flourishing communities and civil-society institutions.
Christian Cámara, Southeast Region Director
Southeast region director, senior fellow and a co-founder of the institute. Christian previously was Florida director of the Heartland Institute’s Center on Finance, Insurance and Real Estate.
Christina Delgado, Justice Policy Manager
Christina focuses primarily on criminal justice reform issues and assists the national security and justice policy director with surveillance and privacy issues as they relate to national security. She also dedicates a portion of her attention to trade policy issues.
C. Jarrett Dieterle, Governance Project Fellow
Jarrett's research focuses on strengthening Congress and restoring its role as the First Branch in the U.S. system of separated powers. He also conducts research on regulatory reform, alcohol policy and commercial freedom issues.
Melissa Dunlap, Operations Specialist
Melissa is responsible for providing executive support to the whole staff and helping with the day-to-day operations and finances of the institution.
Mike Godwin, Distinguished Senior Fellow
Mike is a distinguished senior fellow focused on the areas of patent and copyright reform, surveillance reform, technology policy, freedom of expression and global internet policy.
Zach Graves, Director of Technology and Innovation Policy
Zach oversees R Street's tech program, which engages on issues that include intellectual property, cybersecurity, surveillance, cryptocurrency, privacy, the sharing economy, transparency and open data.
Steven Greenhut, Western Region Director
Steven is responsible for overseeing R Street's efforts in California, Oregon, Washington state, Nevada, Arizona, Alaska and Hawaii.
Jonathan Haggerty, Criminal Justice Policy Associate
Jonathan's research centers on jail reform, prisoner reentry, national security, the sharing economy and civil liberties.
Devin Hartman, Electricity Policy Manager
Devin researches and promotes competitive electricity markets, efficient energy innovation and environmental policies, and sensible electric rate designs.
Nicolas John, Northeast Region Manager
Nicolas is responsible for educating state and local lawmakers and executive-branch officials throughout the Northeast about R Street policy positions on harm reduction and a variety of other topics.
Joe Kane, Technology Policy Associate
Joe works primarily on telecommunications, antitrust and intellectual property issues to push for regulatory frameworks that will promote long term innovation.
Caroline Kitchens, Federal Affairs Manager
Caroline helps to manage R Street’s coalition efforts, as well as providing education and outreach to policymakers and their staff. She has written extensively about agriculture issues for R Street.
Kevin Kosar, Vice President of Policy
Kevin oversees all of the institute's research across its commercial freedom, criminal justice, energy and environment, financial markets, governance, income mobility, innovation policy, insurance and public health policy programs.
R.J. Lehmann, Editor-in-Chief
R.J. is responsible for managing all of the institute's editorial and communications functions. He also is author of numerous R Street policy studies, including the 2012-2016 editions of the flagship Insurance Regulation Report Card.
Eli Lehrer, President
Eli oversees all R Street operations, makes major strategic decisions and is ultimately responsible for all of R Street's products. He also tells pirate jokes.
Sasha Moss, Federal Affairs Manager
Sasha Moss handles outreach, coalition building and event coordination for R Street’s technology policy portfolio.
William Murray, Federal Energy Policy Manager
Bill helps coordinate advancement of free-market solutions to solve difficult problems regarding energy and the environment. These issues include fuel choice diversity, climate change and conflicts over public lands.
Josiah Neeley, Energy Policy Director
Josiah leads the institute’s energy program, which works to advance a well-defined and limited role for government in shaping decisions about infrastructure, wholesale and retail electricity, research and development, fuel choice and diversity, and climate adaptation and mitigation. He also leads the institute’s work on legislation and issues affecting Arkansas, Louisiana, New Mexico, Oklahoma and Texas.
Clark Packard, Federal Affairs Manager
Clark works with the rest of the implementation team to advance R Street’s policy agenda with relevant federal policymakers in Congress and the executive branch.
Christina Pesavento, Editorial Manager
Christina is responsible for ensuring the quality and accuracy of R Street's written materials, particularly regulatory comments, letters and research proposals.
Alex J. Pollock, Distinguished Senior Fellow
Alex provides thought and policy leadership on financial issues, broadly defined. These include understanding financial systems, cycles of booms and busts, financial crises, risk and uncertainty, central banking and the politics of finance.
Lars Powell, Senior Fellow
Lars is a senior fellow whose research focuses largely on insurer capitalization and the effects of regulation on insurance markets.
Easton Randall, Federal Affairs Manager
Easton is responsible for bridging the gap between R Street fellows and decision-makers in Congress, promoting R Street’s ideas and finding ways to implement them into law.
Megan Reiss, Senior National Security Fellow
Megan writes about cybersecurity and other pressing national security issues.
Arthur Rizer, Director of Criminal Justice and Security Policy
Arthur heads institute programs dealing with a variety of issues related to intelligence, national security, crime and policing.
Lauren Rollins, Editorial Manager
Lauren is responsible for editing all of R Street’s grant and policy proposals and managing its editorial calendar of white papers.
Paul Rosenzweig, Senior Fellow
Paul works on legal and policy issues relating to cybersecurity and tech policy, including the intersection of privacy and security.
Murray Rothbark, Canine Policy Director
Murray's research includes squirrel control and transportation systems, with a particular interest in bicycles and skateboards.
Erica Schoder, Senior Vice President of Operations and Finance
Erica leads the operations team, who support R Street’s physical and remote offices and staff. In addition, she manages the legal, compliance and overall risk strategy for the organization and heads development and implementation of processes and strategies that keep R Street running smoothly.
Daniel Semelsberger, Research Associate
Daniel's research focuses on financial sector structure; central banking and monetary policy issues; innovation policy; cybersecurity; city and regional policy; and the role of risk and uncertainty in financial systems.
Patricia Simon, Operations Specialist
Patricia manages R Street's internship program and provides support to its development initiatives. She also works with the operations team to develop and implement processes and strategies for the organization.
Alan Smith, Midwest Director
Alan leads R Street efforts in Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, Wisconsin, Illinois, Missouri, Iowa, Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia and Kentucky.
Cameron Smith, Vice President of Implementation
Cameron oversees how R Street implements and communicates the policy solutions its experts develop. He also handles a wide range of the institute's legal matters.
Tom Struble, Technology Policy Manager
Tom leads R Street’s work on telecom, antitrust, privacy and data-security issues. His role also calls for him to meet with policymakers and stakeholders, file regulatory comments and amicus briefs, and write op-eds, coalition letters and white papers.
Lauren Tucker, Operations and Finance Specialist
Lauren assists the senior vice president of operations and finance on the development of program budgets, serves as liaison to the program departments for their profit and loss budgets and assists the senior manager of operations and finance with research and drafting of organizational processes and procedures.
Carrie Wade, Harm Reduction Policy Director
Carrie is responsible for directing R Street's harm-reduction agenda, which offers policy analysis and real world solutions to reduce the negative consequences of America's growing opioid abuse epidemic. In addition, she promotes policies that encourage current smokers to consider safer alternatives to traditional combustible cigarettes.
James Wallner, Senior Fellow
James is a member of R Street's Governance Project and Legislative Branch Capacity Working Group teams. He researches and writes about Congress, especially the Senate; the separation of powers; legislative procedure; and the federal policy process.
Joi Washington, Senior Manager of Operations and Finance
Joi  is responsible for managing the institute's overall day-to-day operations and assisting the senior vice president of operations and finance in developing and implementing organizational processes and priorities.
Caleb Watney, Technology Policy Associate
Caleb leads R Street’s work on emerging technologies, including autonomous vehicles, artificial intelligence, drones, robotics and medical tech.
Garrett Watson, Project Manager
Garrett is responsible for planning and tracking R Street's research products and helping to streamline internal processes to advance the organization's effectiveness and growth.
Shoshana Weissmann, Digital Media Specialist
Shoshana manages the institute's social media and email marketing, in addition to contributing graphics and video skills.