Andrew Heaton


Andrew Heaton is a standup comedian, writer and political satirist, and a media fellow of the R Street Institute.

As an observational comic, he’s performed throughout the United States, at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and in Germany and Australia. He’s a member of the New York Friar’s Club, one of the most prestigious groups of comedians and entertainers in the country. As a political comic he’s performed for numerous policy and advocacy groups, as well as in Washington, DC’s Pardon the Pundit political comedy troupe. In 2011, he was the resident comedian at Edinburgh’s Saturnalia Cabaret, and was awarded NYC’s Greatest New Comedian, 2013 by the World Comedy Club.

He is the host of EconPop, a webseries that explains economics through comedy and popular culture. His political satire book, Laughter is Better than Communism, drew heavily from his time working for the U.S. Congress.

Andrew is originally from Oklahoma, and loves science fiction, Broadway musicals, and fine whisky.