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Telemedicine in eye care: An emerging tech policy primer
Joe Kane & Caleb Watney

Image credit: verbaska

Telemedicine: Lessons for–and from–emerging technology policy
Charles Duan & Joe Kane & Caleb Watney

Telemedicine demonstrates that hypothetical concerns—imperfect diagnoses, loss of personal relationships—are fixed as the technology evolves or become unimportant as the technology…

Should Parole Departments Hire Individuals with a Criminal Record?
Lars Trautman

“[J]urisdictions would be well served to consider how they might incorporate successfully rehabilitated individuals into the ranks of their parole officials. If they truly believe that their parole…

Preserving the role of courts through ITC patent reform
Bill Watson

Because courts are perfectly capable of hearing almost all patent cases involving imports, the ITC’s patent powers are largely redundant.  Meanwhile, having two litigation venues with different…

Real estate debt, the devil and U.S. national banks

The attached policy study originally appeared in the Spring 2018 issue of Housing Finance International. 

Housing finance, as we all know, is lending on fundamentally illiquid assets, taking…

Equip police more like Batman and less like G.I. Joe
Arthur Rizer

The proliferation of certain military equipment (this paper focuses on camouflage uniforms, armored vehicles, and assault rifles) among police departments has had adverse effects on the mission of…

A case study of hydropower as a wholesale storage resource
Devin Hartman

Existing regulatory regimes suppress competition from energy storage resources and undervalue grid services where these resources hold comparative advantages. This has a particularly constraining…

Left-behind kids
Nila Bala

Although only five percent of youth in the system are accused of violent crimes, there is very little existing literature discussing how best to serve these youth, who are still being sent to…

Our eroding norms
Eli Lehrer

*Daniel Semelsberger was a co-author on this piece.

In late February 2017, the words “Democracy Dies in Darkness” appeared on the masthead of the Washington Post and atop every page of its…

The licensing logjam
C. Jarrett Dieterle

*Shoshana Weissmann co-authored this study.
Federal lawmakers have been talking about reforming the occupational-licensing regime for years. And despite widespread agreement on the right and left…