‘News distortion’ is not grounds for violating the First Amendment
Joe Kane

Last week, a group of Democratic senators sent a letter to Federal Communications Commission Chairman Ajit Pai asking him to review the fitness of a broadcaster to retain its broadcast…

Pension bills are common sense – yet have little chance of passage in Capitol
Steven Greenhut

The California Public Employees’ Retirement System’s report released last week touts all of the pension fund’s good news, which it says “has built a solid path forward for the long-term…

Farmers don’t need subsidies, they need free trade
Clark Packard

For advocates of free trade, President Trump’s policies have taken a marked turn for the worse in 2018. Perhaps it was inevitable that the president would give in to his worst protectionist…

EU could follow Lincoln’s model on dual banking
Alex J. Pollock


When looking at the difficulties of European banking union (“Eurozone banking union heads towards ‘critical phase’”, April 11), perhaps a model to explore is that created by the US…

Mississippi Governor signs bill to shift wind pool fees to the treasury
R.J. Lehmann

Mississippi may be thought of as conservative small-government state, but the state’s consumers pay higher taxes on their insurance products than in all but two other states.


Florida would benefit from paring back sugar program
Clark Packard

The Trump administration has managed to upset people on both sides of the ideological divide with wrong turns on both trade policy and environmental policy.

It can right the ship on both fronts by…

In new media world, opinion pages more relevant than ever
Steven Greenhut

One of the main criticisms I’ve received from readers over the years is that I’m biased. “Yes, indeed, I have biases,” I always reply. “Columnists actually are paid to express them.” As…

Letter to the Editor, Hartford Courant: Stabilize naloxone prices
Carrie Wade & Nicolas John

Over the last decade, the price of naloxone, a medication used to reverse the effects of opioids and prevent overdoses, has skyrocketed. One naloxone delivery system, Evizo, was priced at $690 in…

The feds have it wrong on patent law
Charles Duan

If there’s one constant in the Trump administration’s policy, it’s championing American companies over foreign competitors. So why is the administration arguing for a rule that would favor…

Criminal justice, occupational licensing reforms can go hand in hand
Shoshana Weissmann & Nila Bala

Currently in both Maryland and Tennessee, a criminal past — or even just being accused of a crime — often stands between people and a job. This is because many occupational licensing…