Self-driving cars – Congress’ role in securing a safer tomorrow

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07/17/2017 @ 2:00 pm - 3:30 pm


Self-driving vehicles have yet to be deployed en masse on America’s streets. But their potential to reduce auto fatalities drastically and free our morning commutes makes expediting this process and providing a permissive regulatory framework a top priority. In the halls of Congress, members of both the House and Senate are actively grappling with what enabling legislation is needed to deliver our autonomous future safely and securely.

On the heels of the House Energy and Commerce Committee’s June 27 hearing on the matter, a collection of issues have taken the spotlight: the way in which regulatory authority should be split between the federal government and the states; how NHTSA should oversee deviations from its cumbersome safety standard process; and how data and cyber security challenges are best addressed.

Please join the R Street Institute for an afternoon panel discussion of these and other policy questions surrounding self-driving technologies.


Paul Brubaker – ATI21

Paul Lewis – The Eno Center for Transportation

Jessica Nigro – Daimler North America Corp.

Hon. David Strickland – Self-Driving Coalition for Safer Streets

Ian Adams – R Street Institute (Moderator)

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