Panel 4: What strategies would work in addressing such a large crisis?

04/05/2018 @ 4:00 pm - 5:30 pm


The California housing crisis has inspired thousands of ideas for solutions. In Silicon Valley, new startups are developing new designs, building materials, and construction methods to make homes cheaper and faster to create. In L.A., developers are experimenting with micro-units. In Sacramento, legislators and the governor have approved a package of 15 bills, establishing a new funding stream for affordable housing development, and putting a housing bond on the ballot. And around the state, health-care entities, school and college districts, and transportation agencies have conducted experiments to deal with housing-related challenges, from finding scarce housing for critical personnel to limiting the length and frequency of commutes. Which of these new ideas might work–and which of them might scale to make an impact California-wide? Do we need the creation of new agencies, or the consolidation of old ones, to improve housing policy? Is there any way to remake California’s extensive land-use, labor, and environmental regulations so that housing can be produced in greater amounts, more cheaply, and in ways that strengthen communities? What do we know about the impact of strategies — like taller, denser development — on our communities and property values?  And what can all of us do – in our real estate markets, in our neighborhoods, in our churches, in our schools and universities, in our businesses – to ease the crisis now and make housing less of a problem in the future?

Moderator: Steven Greenhut, Columnist

Jennifer Hernandez
Attorney, and author of a book on the problems with CEQA.

Sam Moss
Executive Director of Mission Housing Development Corporation
Mission Housing Corporation

Joe Cortright
President and principal economist of Impresa, a consulting firm specializing in regional economic analysis, innovation and industry clusters

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