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Federal Energy Policy Manager

The R Street Institute—a free-market think tank headquartered in Washington and with regional offices around the country—is seeking an energy policy manager to spearhead our work with federal partners and on Capitol Hill. This position will report to the energy policy director.

Ideal candidates will be interested in and able to support and contribute to the breadth of work we do at R Street, including efforts to reform regulatory authority at the Environmental Protection Agency; eliminate energy-production subsidies; improve energy research and innovation programs; promote competitive electricity markets; support free-market approaches to climate change; and clarify leasing and permitting processes. This role will help R Street develop creative, conservative approaches to federal energy and environmental policy and build a library of work in support of that effort.


  • Work with the director of energy policy and other staff in developing federal energy and environmental policy priorities.
  • Write op-eds, blog posts and white papers.
  • Speak and/or testify before government agencies and legislative bodies.
  • Manage relationships with a diverse group of partners, coalitions, federal agencies and relevant congressional committees.
  • Assist with tracking, monitoring and reporting on work.


  • Advanced degree, including coursework related to energy and/or climate change.
  • Four or more years of professional experience with energy public policy.
  • Demonstrated professional experience with the Washington, D.C. policymaking environment.
  • Preference will be given to candidates who have worked directly with legislative, executive or regulatory bodies, energy companies, think tanks or academia.
  • Strong public speaking skills.
  • Excellent writing skills, including a record of published work on energy topics.
  • Knowledge of groups that are currently working on federal energy and environmental policy.

Candidates who believe they are truly well qualified are encouraged to apply even if they don’t precisely meet all of the qualifications above. For example, someone with significant work experience who does not have an advanced degree could still be a very strong candidate. It’s unlikely that academic credentials alone can substitute for work experience.

This is a full-time job based in Washington that requires a daily presence in our office. R Street is growing rapidly but remains a close-knit team. We’ll interview and give serious consideration to candidates who currently live outside the D.C. metropolitan area, but such candidates must be willing to relocate to the area within a reasonably short period of time. Those who have never had a job working in Washington, D.C. probably will not be considered.  This job may involve some travel, largely within the United States.

R Street strives to provide a compensation package superior to those at other think tanks and nonprofits. In addition to a highly competitive salary, we provide health insurance entirely paid by the employer (even for families); a wellness benefit; employer-subsidized mobile phones benefit; 401(k) contributions with no employee match required; and an exceptionally generous vacation policy.

R Street does not discriminate on the basis of age, sex, race, creed, color, national origin, sexual orientation, era of military service, gender identity or anything else that’s illegal, immoral or stupid to use as a basis for hiring.

While we impose no political litmus test for this job or any other, candidates should be comfortable communicating free-market messages. As such, applicants are strongly advised to review our web page and, in particular, our work on energy, to assure they are comfortable with our work and our approach to it.

We currently plan to accept applications for this job until it is filled. Candidates in whom we are interested will be contacted for telephone interviews, which will be done on a rolling basis. This will be followed by asking selected candidates to complete a writing test. In-person interviews will be held in our Washington office. Candidates who believe they are highly qualified and haven’t heard back from us should follow up.

To apply, please send us a resume in Microsoft Word or PDF along, with a cover letter pasted into the body of an email. The email address for applications is


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