Col. Alan M. Dodd
District Engineer
Jacksonville District
United States Army Corps of Engineers 
701 San Marco Blvd
Jacksonville, FL  32207-8175

RE:  Response to Final Integrated Feasibility Report and Impact Statement
EIS#  20140025

March 7, 2014

Dear Col. Dodd,

As the members of the Green Scissors Coalition, Friends of the Earth, Taxpayers for Common Sense and the R Street Institute wish to state our opposition to proposals to expand the Port of Palm Beach.  While all three groups have different missions, visions and ideologies—Friends of the Earth is a progressive environmental group, Taxpayers for Common Sense is a budget watchdog and R Street is a conservative think tank—all three are united in their opposition to projects that are wasteful and environmentally harmful. The proposed port expansion in Palm Beach is one such project.

The EIS you are considering has severe flaws. Among other things, the purpose and need as put together is an exercise in question begging that’s tailored to result in the Corps’ conclusion. The EIS also fails to address many legitimate environmental concerns or consider less environmentally harmful ways that the same economic benefits might well be achieved.  The proposed expansion may also serve to intensify storm surge inland following major hurricanes.

There are also strong common sense reasons to be skeptical of this port expansion proposal: Palm Beach is a small port that has rarely shown profits and is located between two much larger ports. There is little chance that a modest expansion will have a significant economic impact in any case.

In short, we urge you to study this situation further and hold off on any effort to expand the Port of Palm Beach.

Respectfully submitted,

The Green Scissors Coalition

Friends of the Earth
Taxpayers for Common Sense
R Street Institute

Contact: Eli Lehrer (202)525-5717 –